Information was wired to R.N.Higgins, of this city, Sunday, December 24, 1916, that his eldest sister, Mrs. Brashear, was killed in an auto accident at Mountain Park, Oklahoma.
Mr. and Mrs. Brashear and a Mrs. Thrasher had been invited to take dinner with a friend in the vicinity of the city. The man at whose house they were to dine, came in town after them in an auto. And they were on their way to his residence when the auto was struck by a Frisco cattle train. In this accident, Mrs. Brashear, Mrs. Thrasher and the driver were killed and Mr. Brashear sustained a broken arm. The accident occurred at 11:30 a.m.
Mr. Higgins left immediately after receiving the sad news to be present at the funeral services.
Mr. Brashear has been engaged in the hardware business in Mountain Park for the past ten years. The deceased is well known to the people of this city. The Star, with the many friends of the bereaved ones, extend condolences.
Cheyenne Star, December 21, 1916