PARMAN, Grover

A Poem was written and recorded in the January 23, 1964 issue of the Cheyenne Star.

Beloved and loving husband, son, brother, friend…
died where manhood’s morning almost touches noon,
and while the shadows still were falling toward the west.
While yet in love with life, enraptured by the world
passed into silence and pathetic dust.
He climbed heights and left all suspense far below.
His personal integrity left, in him, no room for maligning others.
He believed that happiness was the only lasting good
In his physical strength, he had only gentle and
sustaining hands for the weak and forlorn.
Life is a narrow vale between the cold and barren
peaks of two eternities.
From the voiceless lips of the  unreplying dead
there comes no word
But in the night of death, Hope sees a star…
and listening Love can hear the rustle of a wing….
  E C P