A very sad accident happened on Tuesday last (May 15 or May 22, 1901) on the head of Croton Creek. A man named Stone was digging a well for Mr. McComb and had gotten down some 40 feet. Four curbings had been used, the earth being very loose sandy character. Whilst Stone was at the bottom, the pressure of the loose sand behind one of the curbs dislocated its joints and the sand began to pour in. Recognizing his peril, the man at once commenced climbing carrying with him a plank, which he had just been using. He had climbed some three feet and would undoubtedly had been able to ascend faster than the sand fell, but at this juncture, the plank caught on each side, barring his further progress and the sand soon enveloped him. McComb, who had been assisting the unfortunate man immediately descended, by the aid of his wife, and dug some three feet of sand away before reaching the head of Stone. The latter was dead. Neighbors soon gathered and recovered the body, which was buried in the Cheyenne Cemetery Wednesday. Stone has been in the neighborhood some two months but little is known of him. He was evidently a man under a cloud of some kind. Although a hard worker, his education had been such as indicated that he had not always been a laborer. He left a fine library of books and some $16 in money. On his person was found a nickel and a Bible. Those acquainted with him say that he has always acted in a strange manner. He would prefer sleeping in an outhouse or stable to occupying a bed, and his food by choice, consisted mainly of bread and salt. It is supposed, from the character of the books, left, that he had been connected with the legal profession at some time. 
Cheyenne Star, May 24, 1901