The Reunion of Old Settlers in Cheyenne on April 19, 1952 attracted thousands of people. It featured the crowning of Miss Billie Wilson as Queen of the C&A Country. The crown was placed upon the head of the queen by Victor Wikersham, 6th District Congressman. At this reunion a new feature was added, that of naming an Indian Princess to receive a crown. The 1957 Indian Princess selected was Miss Alberta WhiteSkunk. She was attired in a Cheyenne Indian tribal dress as Congressman Wickersham crowned her princess. Another outstanding event was a fireworks display in the evening. In addition to the rodeo’s various contests; special enter-tainment was in progress through-out the afternoon on a platform constructed especially for this purpose. There was a concert and drill by the Kiltie Band of Okla-homa and ceremonial dances by the Indians for the entertainment of the crowd.

Queen Billie Wilson’s attendants were Beverly Hubbard, Lorene Potts, Joan Bingham, Lanita Maddux, Joan Ridgeway, Lois Arlene Gwartney, Betty Brown and Melba Brown. The queen is a descendant of J.J. “Monkey Jim “ Wilson. Alberta WhiteSkunk, the Indian Princess made her own Indian Dress that she wore in 1952.