Cheyenne Cemetery “L”

LACASSE, Robert Laurence 30APR1882 – 07JUL1951 Hus of Carol

LACKEY, Baby No date – 02MAY1953 Dau of Paul Lackeys

LACKEY, Bessie L. 11AUG1904 – 15SEP1952 Wife of Bue

LACKEY, Bue Hiram 04OCT1895 – 05MAY1973 Vet WW I

LACKEY, Essie Marie 26JUN1914 – 14JUL1996 Twin to Lessie

LACKEY, Hattie M. 11JAN1898 – 10AUG1971 Wife of James M.

LACKEY, James M. 15SEP1897 – 08OCT1981

LACKEY, Jewel Vanita 01SEP1942 – 08JUL1981

LACKEY, Jewel Vanita 01SEP1942 – 08JUL1945

LACKEY, Lamon D. 08OCT1868 – 05FEB1958

LACKEY, Lee A. 02OCT1902 – 20SEP1979 Hus of Helen Roark

LACKEY, Leon 19APR1927 – 22OCT1929

LACKEY, Lessie Margrett 26JUN1914 – 03APR1990 Twin to Essie

LACKEY, Teresa Aline 02OCT1924 – 18JUL1926

LACKEY, V. N. G. No date – 1953 2 months old

LACKEY, Wash Stella Jones 18NOV1877 – 04NOV1964 Wife of Leamon A.

LADD, Thomas 01MAY1847 – 11AUG1927

LANFERMAN, Mary Taylor 26FEB1898 – 19SEP1965 Wife of Ed

LARKEY, Kay Haigood Blankenship, born 29JUN1944, died 2AUG2009, wife of Tracy Blake Blankenship & Allen Larkey

LAWRENCE, Alice 1866 – 1953 Wife of William A.

LAWRENCE, William A. 1858 – 1934

LAWSON, Francis Daisy 13APR1904 – 17SEP1984

LEACH, Frederick O. “Daddy” 1850 – 1935

LEACH, Maggie Callahan 02OCT1878 – 11SEP1968 Wife of Frederick O.

LEARY, Bob Henderson 18SEP1906 – 06AUG1984

LEARY, Caroline Sophia 01AUG1902 – 22SEP1903

LEARY, John Edwin Sr. 02NOV1854 – 06APR1926

LEARY, John Edwin Jr. 29APR1905 – 28MAR1933 Murdered

LEARY, Nellie Susan McMurtry 23JUN1876 – 29APR1972 Wife of John

LEARY, Thomas Graham 10DEC1898 – 19FEB1963

LEE, Belle 12DEC1862 – 09JAN1900 Wife of A.J.

LEE, Camelia R. 31SEP1819 – 08SEP1901

LESTER, Andrew M. 14NOV1914 – 21OCT2000

LESTER, Anita E. Hunt 16JUN1907 – 26DEC1969 Wife of James M.

LESTER, C.W. “Spec” 08JUL1909 – 13AUG1995 Hus of Roberta Hunt

LESTER, James Murl Jr. “Hotshot” 06APR1927 – 23SEP1960 Hus of Nellie

LESTER, James M. “Studie” 29JUL1901 – 03JUN1952

LESTER, Jim. 10DEC1878 – 14JUL1932

LESTER, M.W. “Fat” 02FEB1908 – 23FEB1984

LESTER, Max 19APR1905 – 31JAN1947

LESTER, Nannie May 03FEB1879 – 12JUL1953 Wife of Jim

LESTER, Roberta Leslie Hunt 07SEP1914 – 14MAR1989 Wife of C.W.

LESTER, Nellie Sherwood 13MAR1928 – 20APR2002

LILES, Mary A. 18APR1841 – 03-1914

LIPPENCOTT, Bud  Born 15JUN1923 Died 5NOV2010 vet World War II, hus of Pauline Vay Porter

LIPPENCOTT, Clarence E. 01JAN1894 – 01JAN1974 Vet WW I

LIPPENCOTT, Mary Madeline 19DEC1897 – 20JUN1990 Wife of Charlie E.

LIPPENCOTT, Pauline Vay (Porter)  Born 18FEB1927, Died 16AUG2015

LITTLE, Baby . – No date Inf of J.J. Little

LITTLE, Baby . – No date Inf of J.J. Little

LITTLE, Christine Plunkett 24AUG1887 – 16AUG1971 Wife of Willie W.

LITTLE, John Wesley 19AUG1905 – 15AUG2000

LITTLE, Mary A. 09SEP1845 – 18JUN1912 Wife of W. H.

LITTLE, Robert Eugene “Bob”  Born 24NOV1931, Died 17JUL2014, s/o John & Lucille (Smith) Little

LITTLE, Steven Elliott 10NOV1951 – 27JAN1991

LITTLE, W. H. 13JUN1840 – 16OCT1918

LITTLE, Willie W. 21MAY1883 – 25MAR1970

LITTLE, Lucille F. Smith 24NOV1907 – 21MAY2002

LOFTON, E. P. No date – No date

LUSBY, Bryant Maidens No date – No date

LUTTRELL, Ruth Nelson 09FEB1908 – 07AUG1970