NE 24-15-26

Howard METCALFE says the cemetery is called Findley because the first one buried there was a child of the FINDLEYs. Howard says his grandmother, Mary CARSON, tried to help save the baby but to no avail.

There are several cement stones but most are red rocks and there are signs that tell, at one time, this was a large cemetery.  On one red rock you can make out the initials L.W.R. but the wind, water,  heat and time have obliterated the rest of the names that were tenderly etched and carved on a hundred or more red shale rocks.

There is only one granite marker in the cemetery: James Madison MILLARD 10APR1849 – 31MAY1903

Buried in the little Fenced Square is Clark Mercer CANN, died 31JUL1902, father of Della Cann Young.

I received a letter from Dessie Van VOLKINBURG, 423 E. 6th St., Pawhuska, Okla. 74956 stating she was the daughter of John and Maggie WOOD who homesteaded in Day County in 1901.  Dessie has a brother and sister buried in this cemetery.  The dates were confirmed by Dessie’s niece Johnnie Hogue DILLESHAW, 1438 E. MCClemon, Springfield, Mo. 65803 who had the family bible.

Mrs. DILLESHAW said the names were carved on red rock and probably not survived.

Thank you Karen HARMAN for all of the above information, as well as supplying me with pictures of the Findley Cemetery.

This information comes from the book, “Cemeteries and More”, by Glena Belle CRANE.

Updates and corrections have been submitted by Wanda PURCELL.

ALSUP, James 1903 – 1906

CANN, Clark Mercer “Dick”  (unmarked grave) Born 16AUG1828  Died 31JUL1902  Father of Della Cann Young

HAMON, Oscar 1901 – 1906

JONES, Infant 19FEB1909 – 19FEB1909 Inf of Benjamin F. & Margaret (Fitz)

LANEY, Della 24APR1893 – ??AUG1912

LONG, Belle ??SEP1878 – ??JUL1902

LONG, Velma 1902 – 1903

MILLARD, James Madison 10APR1849 – 31MAY1903

SANFORD, 19NOV1907 – 26DEC1907 Twin of Lucille Males

WOOD, Jessie L. 22MAR1905 – 22MAR1905 Son of John & Maggie

WOOD, Mamie 1908 – 1909 Dau of John & Maggie