The site was picked in April 1902 by Mr. FREW. The FREWs lived, in a cellar, about a mile west of where the cemetery is now located. The top of the cellar was built with logs and tons of dirt were piled over the logs. April was a very wet month that year and the top of the cellar became so saturated with water that it caved in, killing Mrs. FREW and two children. Mr FREW and two other children, being close to cellar steps, escaped.

The FRANKFORD brothers, J.M. and W.M. had purchased farms in January of 1902. Each of the brothers offered Mr. FREW a place, on their farms, to bury his wife and two children. Mr. FREW chose the J.M. FRANKFORD land.

First born—Preston BREWER—-1931, First buried—Mrs. FREW and her 2 children—1902

No. Graves——50, This cemetery is well kept. Thanks to Aldena FFARREL and Mrs. COOPRIDER for their assistance.

This information was taken from the book “Cemeteries and More” by Glena Belle CRANE. Updates and corrections have been provided by Wanda PURCELL.